Newest collaboration with artist doing rad shit. We seek out like minded weirdos and hellraisers to tell and share the Lurking Class story in their own unique way. This season's collab is with the epically talented artist
Daniel Shaw
Sketchy Tank: What’s your name and where are you from?
Daniel Shaw: "My name is Daniel Shaw and I hail from dirty 'ol H-Town, Texas."
ST: Where did you get the name Sawblade? I’m scared of Sawblades.
DS: "I got the name "Sawblade" from a band here in town who is afraid of roach spray."
      ST: What are you listening to when your drawing this demonic stuff? Please say reggae or smooth jazz or something.
      DS: "When I'm drawing I always prefer the soft and comforting sounds of Lionel Richie."
          ST: What does your family think of the profession you chose ? Do they like your art? My grandma has seen my art but she never said anything about it , she’s the sweetest lady ever, she won’t tell me how she hates it.
          DS: "My parents pray to God daily about my chosen profession and cry tears of horror whenever they catch a glimpse of my images. My grandmother rolls in her grave."
              ST: Wataburger or in n out?
              DS: Ugh...not even a question."
                  ST: What pisses you off more than anything? What can you not live without?
                  DS: "One thing that pisses me off is seeing photoshopped album covers. The one thing I cannot live without is my .05 Pentel mechanical pencil."
                      ST: Favorite late night snack?
                      DS: "Raw ground hamburger meat."
                          ST: What would you tell your 18 yr old self if you could go back in time?
                          DS: "Draw more."
                              ST: Last time you shit your pants? If you choose not to answer we will assume that it’s a regular occurrence for you.
                              DS: "About 10 min ago after a bite of my raw ground hamburger meat."
                                  ST: Marry fuck kill. Ryan Gossling, a giant dildo, a pastrami sandwich?
                                  DS: "Don't know who Ryan Gossling is so... I would kill a Giant Dildo and marry then Fuck a pastrami sandwich."
                                      ST: Words of advice to young artists?
                                      "DS: Draw more."
                                        August 16, 2019 by Lurking Class
                                        Tags: SAWBLADE

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